The focus of Brendan's training and development is on developing skills and techniques to improve effectiveness in workplace and business scenarios.
Courses include:

Mediation Skills - ranging from accredited mediator training to mediation skills for managers;

Investigation skills - how to carry out a thorough and fair investigation;

Constructive conversations - helping managers and professionals who need to have a difficult conversation with someone;

Effective listening - why we can't listen properly and what to do about it;

Performance management - the skills needed to ensure a robust and positive experience for all parties in performance management.

Courses can be customised to suit particular organisations or audiences and Brendan is always pleased to discuss how training needs can be developed into an interesting and informative course or training event.


It has been said that any organisation that isn't growing is dying. In the same way any employee who isn't developing is in danger of losing the skilled edge.

If you learn nothing new, either from focused training, education, reflection or varied experience, then your skills and knowledge will become obsolete. Ten years of repetition is not the same as ten years of different experience with learning from challenges and difficult situations. Ten years with training, further education, coaching and other interventions means a sharper, more engaged employee.

Invest in your staff and you will earn interest.

People skills are not taught in schools but it isn't too late to learn in the workplace.

Training and development is about investing in the development of your assets.


In the design of each training event consideration is given to all four learning styles : active, pragmatic, reflective and theoretical.

The event therefore will ensure a mix of modules including case study, skill activities, group and pair discussion, trainer input, facilitated reflection.

Participants do pre-course work and take away a manual.

More details

Brendan is a skilled trainer and facilitator who makes learning interesting and enjoyable, and has delivered courses in Ireland, the U.K., Germany and Holland.

He has been trained and is certified through the Irish Institute of Training and Development, the Mediators Institute of Ireland, and has been mentored in training techniques by Juliet Merridew, an esteemed training professional who formerly worked in the British Foreign Office.

Please make contact for a private, no-obligation discussion: brendan@brendanschutte.com
Mobile: 00 353 (0)86 8758471

Some comments from participants on programmes which Brendan has delivered:

"Brendan has a lovely style and is very engaging - excellent tutor, very patient."

"Brendan was so approachable and helpful - full of useful tips."

"Everything was put in context for us. Very clear and explained and demonstrated, and excellent feedback to help us develop skills."

"Very good, good calm manner and interesting points to make from his knowledge and experience. Made course extremely enjoyable."

"Delivery was excellent. Particularly enjoyed the variety of group exercises."

"Easy-going presentation, yet informative and challenging. Very useful tips and challenging current practices."

"Brendan was an excellent facilitator."

"Brendan kept the focus of the group and made the topic interesting and enjoyable."

"Excellent, ensured the day was structured, calm and summed up expertly."