Sometimes an organisation will have a less defined need or one where neither mediation nor investigation fits.

An independent review seeks to establish a ‘sit rep’ (situation report) to help bring clarity and definition to the problem at hand, and to suggest a range of solutions or courses of action where appropriate.



When you're not quite sure what the problem is, or there are no clear allegations, but there is plenty of evidence to suggest that things are not all right.

There may also be a need for an independent view to be established on a particular matter, which will inform next steps.

An independent review can be customised to the needs of the client.



A powerful factor is the independence of the person carrying out the review. He or she must be impartial, yet also curious and analytical.

The reviewer will examine the history ‐ files and documents ‐ and may also carry out informal interviews or focus group sessions with staff. This information will be sifted and collated and a report produced to articulate the situation.

Suggestions are made to improve matters and normally there is a follow-up meeting with the referrer and others to discuss the benefit and practicality of the options. The organisation may decide to share the report with those who took part or may ask for an executive summary to be produced. This is normally decided in advance and forms part of the terms of reference.


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Brendan has been engaged on a varied range of independent reviews. His impartiality and considered view, based on many years of experience, is especially valued.

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